Hello, I'm Beth Carroll.  I founded BAMACTION Media Services in 1990 soon after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Bradley Academy of the Visual Arts.

I am a full-service graphic designer with 28 years of experience (20 were as Art Directors in two print shops) while working hands-on in the creation of logos, books, magazines, newsletters, Corporate Identity, signs, banners, adhesives, stationery, business forms, trade show booths, specialty advertising items, etc.

I love designing for people.  I am capable of creating for those who need specific styles to match their industries.  Being diverse in my creations, I have no limitations with what can be done.  Just ask.

I have a track record of creating your design from start to finish with minimal changes.  My goal is to hit the nail on the head the first time.

About Our Company

Beth Carroll

Ed Carroll

Hello, I'm Ed Carroll.  I met my wife Beth in 2003 at an event my band was playing, and we hit it off directly, finding that we had quite a few artistic inclinations in common. 

I minored in photography on my way to a music and later a culinary degree, but I have always maintained a working professional level of knowledge and equipment, (we went through having a color darkroom in the basement, developed everything from Super 8 to 35mm)

As a journalist I've covered everything from live sports to civic events, and as a world traveler I've had the opportunity to photograph and also write about many exotic and interesting things that gave me inspiration and ideas galore!

So the date went well and when the dust had settled Beth was the new singer and pianist in the band and I was a freelance photographer for an art and media company.  Needless to say art runs in the family!